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Lawn Turfing

This involves the removal of existing turf, surface preparation, re-turfing and after-care for your new turf.

Being able to source turf is important and takes the hassle away from doing this yourself.

Total Lawns can offer you the aftercare to your new lawn, to ensure that your grass is cared for and always giving the correct horticultural advice, as well as looking healthy, please see our Lawn Treatment page to see how we can help, or even to advise you if choosing to care for the turf yourself.

Newly laid turf must be watered within ½ an hour of installation which we will do for you.

It’s important that new turf has a really good soaking to penetrate the turf and seep into the soil below.  We’ll give you clear instructions on further watering if you wish to continue to do this for yourself.  If you are a business or have a large area which has been turfed, you may require us to do this on your behalf.  Turf takes around 4 weeks to become established so needs careful attention until that time.

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