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The Total Makeover

Is your lawn plagued with weeds and unwanted grasses? Maybe the lawn is old and tired? or the roots are just giving up and past its best?

If your lawn is struggling and looking tired, and all that is visible are pockets of grasses good or bad, it's time for the Total Lawn Makeover!

Having spent many of visits to lawn owners over the last few years, and seeing various lawns in various conditions, we wanted to tailor a package in achieving getting customers their lovely lawn back.

What lawns would benefit from The Total Makeover?

  • Lawns which are riddled with undesirable weed grass

  • Old or worn out lawns, affected from drought!

  • Lawns which are plagued with excessive moss and thatch

  • New build properties laid with poor turf and soil conditions

The Total Makeover consists of being completed within a number of steps. Following all the correct horticulture guidelines and using the best raw materials available, you soon can enjoy that lawn you have always wanted.

Step One

The first step would be to apply a weed killer to kill all plant life in the lawn area

Are you interested and would like to speak with us more?

Then contact us today to request your free Total Makeover quotation

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