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Lawncare Advice


This is the most obvious (and one of the most important) maintenance task over spring and summer months. Mowing regularly, weekly or fortnightly keeps the lawn in good health. For me it is vital to use different cutting heights and mowing frequencies recommended in spring and summer. Never mow the lawn too short and do not exceed the grass length of 1.5". However this applies for your domestic lawn as lawns with a flat surface and take a cylinder mower usually takes to this well. Tip: Try mowing in different directions as much as possible to ensure the grass is always pushed in a different way and is not laying too flat. Rotary mowers for domestic lawns and cylinders for your flatter playing surfaces. 


Killing moss

Moss is a problem in damp, poorly drained lawns. Winter is a good time to remedy moss problems. There are several options for dealing with moss in lawns, sulphate of iron in the winter months and if the weather is kind enough you can perform scarifying late on in February. 


Feeding the grass is the most important part of the lawn care cycle. Giving lawns back the nutrients they require in the spring to kick start there growing cycle. Using a slow or controlled  granule release ferterliser will be sure to give the lawn the best start.



In the summer months the lawns naturally dry out and start to loose moisture. If you are a firm believer in watering then please do so but watering properly is required. A good soaking for an hour or two every day should see the lawn bounce back and keep a strong hold of the work carried out throughout the year. However, if you choose not to water then just remember to mow less frequently and on a much higher setting.


Its that time of year where the grass now will be having or had its last feed before autumn. Scarification or Scarifying is an essential part of cultured turf or lawn management. It is carried out with a petrol driven machine called a Scarifier. The aim of scarifying is to produce a healthy vertical type growth of desirable grasses, to improve the turf surface and appearance. Very light scarification (like with a drag brush or rake on a cylinder mower) is used simply to raise the leaves of the grass in the sward before mowing, to leave a smarter looking finish. Are you considering Lawn Scarification? If you are and you are based in the Suffolk, North Essex region then please give us a call.

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